Why Tire Rotation is a Must and how is it done?

Tire rotation is a vital part of vehicle maintenance that no car owner should skip when it is time. There are several reasons as to why it is a must. In simple words, it helps in longing the tires’ lives and saves one from spending ample money on new tires. When in Medford tire rotation servicing auto shop, you need to opt for it and ensure that your car’s tires are in good condition.

Why tire rotation is a must?

To understand why this is a must for vehicles, an individual should know what it does. As mentioned earlier, tire rotation is a must for various reasons. The first is rotating tires at scheduled times helps in ensuring that all tires tread pattern wear out evenly; this aid in maximizing tread life of tires. However, new tires should be rotated within 5,000 miles or driving as tread of new tires are inclined to more uneven wear.

Each position of tire on a vehicle always wears out differently depending on the drivetrain of a vehicle. This is why rotating those assists tires to evenly wear out tread pattern. For instance, FWD drivetrain type vehicle always have front tires take more friction and torque when driving and this speeds up tread pattern wearing out quickly than rear tires.

Second reason as to why it is crucial is that even wearing of tread pattern of tires uniform if tread depth evenly wears out. This helps in controlling and keeps traction consistently across all tires. Also, it improves braking and cornering performance, which ultimately aids in making a car safer to drive. Hence, it is a must for people to opt for tire rotation near Medford for improving the overall safety and driving experience of a person.

How it is done?

Though it is not really a difficult task to do, it is still better to seek professionals’ assistance just to ensure that it is done right. Tire rotation is done by following a few steps depending on the drivetrain of a vehicle.

The first one is if a vehicle’s drivetrain is RWD or AWD then rearward pattern is utilized for ideal outcome. In this experts front tires are placed in the rear on opposite side and rear tires are moved to the front without changing any side.

The forward cross and x-pattern both is ideal for cars with FWD drivetrain. In forward cross people places rear tires in opposite direction and front tires are shifted to back in same direction. In x-pattern the rear tires are moved to front in opposite sides, while front tires are moved back by placing them on opposite wheels. X-pattern is primarily used for pickups, sedans, etc.

You are now aware of the facts that what makes tire rotation an important part of maintenance and how it is done for the best results. If you haven’t rotated your vehicle’s tires in a while it is time to do so to enjoy all the perks it would offer a car owner. Thus, get it done today!