In observing what a jaw crusher for sale is we must be careful to bring it into its broader perspective knowing well that it is not a device or equipment that is standing on its own it is a type of rock crusher as there are other types of rock crushers such impact crushers, roll crushers, hammer crushers, gyro-disc crushers and so on. The process that a jaw crusher for sale and other crushing machine or equipment uses for carrying out the crushing operation is referred to as compression crushing, it is known as a type or types of material reduction (i.e. crushing) method that makes use of a compression force between two surfaces while the pressure that takes place between the two plates makes the materials to be broken into smaller or more compressible pieces and this is exactly what the operation of a jaw crusher for sale looks like.

The jaws are always in distance away from each other at the top of the machine than at the bottom as the materials or rocks are received by the equipment from the top and gradually get broken into smaller and smaller pieces as they go down the equipment until it is small enough to escape the bottom of the jaw crusher for sale. The movement of the jaw can be small as complete crushing does not happen in one stroke. Jaw crushers are known to have been in existence since around 200 years ago and it remains one of the most historic crusher types.

Jaw crushers for sale recently have two main types and their difference are seen in how their swing jaw moves even though they tend to have similar output. The two main types are double toggle, Blake type or overhead pivot movement, and single toggle, overhead eccentric movement. All types of jaw crusher for sale even though they have slight difference operates in a similar way across the board. They reduce large rocks, ore, or other compressible materials. A fixed jaw when mounted in a V-shaped alignment, a movable swing jaw of the two jaws exerts a force on the feed material by pushing it against the stationary plate. A jaw crusher will also work well as a primary crusher stage and works well for many operations at the primary crushing stage.