Useful Tips for The Smooth Shipping of Your Classic Car

You are moving to a faraway state, so you need to seriously consider a trustworthy company that can ship your classic 1955 Chevy. You can transport it yourself using a rental truck and trailer, but it is wise to hire a reliable auto transport company. You can even drive it, but there is a risk of an accident. Besides, you will need to consider other associated costs like gas, food, lodging, and depreciation. It makes sense to hire a professional car shipping company.

A classic car is an investment and you don’t desire to lose the most valuable memory associated with it. It can be your first car or you inherited it from your grandparents. You may have a lot of youthful memories connected with the 1955 Chevy.

Even though classic cars are said to be old, they have a specific characteristic that makes them a ‘classic. Collectors are always on a lookout for classic automobiles to add to their collection. Insurance and lending institutions have their own description of classic vehicles. Even DMV guidelines for obtaining a license plate for the classic cars differ from one state to another.

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Tips for smooth shipping of your classic car

Research the potential company

Trusting someone with your vehicle does not suit everyone. You are not familiar with the driver of the company you will choose to haul your priceless antique. Therefore, it is crucial to get familiar with the company’s background. Check online for trustworthiness and credibility. Find out if the operator has proper knowledge, experience, and appropriate equipment necessary to ship classic automobiles.

Never wait for last-minute booking

The time taken to ship your car will depend on the options chosen. It can take a few days to several weeks. As soon as, the choice of the company is made, move to a book without wasting any time. Delays can lead to unwanted stress. Decisions taken in haste may not be right for you and the car.

Determine the service option 

Open and enclosed car transports are the two options. In the former one, your classic gets driven in an open trailer along with several other cars. In the latter, your automobile gets transported in a more protected environment. The former option is cheap, but there is a risk of your car getting dirty or damaged from road debris and dirt. The latter option is pricey but has many appealing aspects like power lift gates. The choice will depend on your preference and budget.

Understand insurance coverage

What kinds of events, damages, or accidents are covered in their insurance policy? Request a policy copy from the auto transport company to find out. Even check with your insurance provider about car shipping coverage.


The auto company driver is responsible for protecting your classic car during transit. You are accountable for prepping it before the shipping day like doing the necessary maintenance.


Perform an inspection when the car gets picked up and a final inspection after transport.