Types of Motor Oils: Which is Best for Your Diesel Engine?


Having a car provides convenience to every driver or commuter wanting to reach their destination faster and with less hassle. However, despite the convenience, there are plenty of things to consider when owning a car. It includes the regular maintenance of the vehicle and the motor oil used in it. 

When doing maintenance of your car, aside from checking your truck’s parts, you must also check your vehicle’s engine. It will help you understand how your motor oil is affecting your engine’s performance. It is important to remember that the oil plays a major role in fulfilling two important functions: lubrication and cooling – making it the lifeblood of the motor. So, learning the basics of how the motor oil works for your vehicle can help you identify what type of motor oil is best for your vehicle’s engine.

The motor pumps the oil throughout various feed pipes (also known as oil galleries), reducing friction between its moving parts and cushions them from vibrations. As the motor continues to operate, the oil will naturally flow to the moving parts and return to the sump, where it is filtered to remove impurities and returned to the cycle again. 

Accordingly, the circulation of oil throughout the motor system moves heat away from components like bearings, pistons, rings, valve systems, and cylinder bores. It lessens the wear on its parts and avoids unusual operating conditions. 

Changing motor fluids when doing maintenance is vital for the reliable performance of your truck’s engine. Engine oils can have additives, such as cleansing agents and friction modifiers, that helps your motor operate efficiently. However, the effect does not last, as these additives have their drawbacks.Constant exposure to heat, moisture, and air can cause oxidation in the oil, which results in oil thickening, the creation of detrimental sludge, the formation of deposits, and corrosive wear. The diesel performance parts of your engine, such as the block heater, lift pump, and injectors, can be affected by the degradation of your oil. 

Proper engine maintenance can help you determine which parts should be replaced to boost your truck’s performance. There are available Cummins OEM parts in the market if you need to replace components of your engine. 

When owning a vehicle, you must know more about cars, parts, and the different engine oils to understand more about the proper maintenance of your truck. Being knowledgeable about your car and engine oils can help you choose the oil suited for your motor and improve your vehicle’s performance. This infographic by Pure Diesel Power discusses the types of motor oils, how engine oil works, and how to choose the diesel oil is best suited for your truck.