Are you looking to buy a used car? If so, you might be wondering what kind of cars would be best suited for the college students in El Cajon, CA area. Whether you’re just starting out in school or have been at it for several years, there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing your next ride. The article below will show you what to look for when buying used cars in El Cajon, and offer great options that are perfect for students like you.

General Considerations

When you’re a college student, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on a car. You need something that’s affordable and reliable. Plus, it should be able to handle the wear and tear of a busy college lifestyle.

Small SUVs

When it comes to used cars in El Cajon for college students, small SUVs are a great option. They’re big enough to fit all your stuff, but not so big that they’re a pain to park. Plus, they’re great for road trips and adventures. Here are our top picks for small SUVs:

Toyota RAV4 – Offers good fuel economy, more cargo space than most other small SUVs, and safety features like blind spot monitoring.

Honda CR-V – Sleek exterior design; the 2nd best seller of its class; is considered one of the safest vehicles on the market.

Nissan Rogue – Perfect car for long commutes as well as off-road adventures; two powertrain options: front wheel drive or all-wheel drive with a gasoline engine or hybrid electric motor.

Ford Escape – One of the best handling SUVs on the market; features up-to-date technology like built-in navigation system and back up camera.


  1. Used Toyota Camry – The Toyota Camry is a popular choice for a used car because it’s affordable and reliable. It’s also a comfortable car to drive and has a spacious interior, making it ideal for road trips or long commutes. 
  2. Used Honda Civic – The Honda Civic is another great option for a used car. It’s fuel-efficient and has a lot of features that newer cars have, such as Bluetooth connectivity and a rearview camera.
  3. Used Mazda 3 – One more sedan on the list is the Mazda 3. If you’re looking for a well-built, dependable car with tons of features and an affordable price tag, this one may be right up your alley. 
  4. Any used Nissan model – The list wouldn’t be complete without including at least one Japanese brand. You can’t go wrong with any Nissan model since they all come equipped with standard safety features like electronic stability control and anti-lock brakes (ABS).


There’s no shame in being a minivan mom or dad. In fact, minivans are some of the most versatile and affordable vehicles on the market. Here are our picks for the best used minivans for college students in El Cajon. The Toyota Sienna ranks first due to its reliability, affordability, spaciousness, and fuel efficiency. It also boasts Toyota’s Star Safety System with standard pre-collision warning with pedestrian detection which is essential when driving around campus. The Dodge Grand Caravan ranks second as it offers easy entry into the third-row seats with power folding seats in all three rows of seating.