Top 5 Best Nissan Dealers in Baton Rouge

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Nissan dealerships across the country offer the best deals and services on Nissan cars. In this article, we explore some of the best Nissan dealers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Royal Automotive: 

For over 40 years now, Royal Automotive has set a standard for car dealerships in the beautiful city of Lousiana. A family-run business, Royal Automotive has built trust over the years by surpassing standard services in offering car deals, maintenance, and repair services to customers in need. If you need a dealership that offers the most competitive prices on new and pre-owned cars, car financing, and also excellent customer experience, you might want to try Royal Automotive. Office hours begin from 7.30 a.m.

Royal Nissan: 

9325 Airline HWY, Baton Rouge is home to Royal Nissan, a classy Nissan dealer in LA. Royal Nissan specializes in getting the best Nissan deals for customers, as well as providing car servicing. You can easily book an appointment and visit. As a prospective customer, you can also take a test drive to be certain of what you are buying. There is also a provision for outright buying, financing, or leasing cars. You get your choice at your convenience.

All Star Nissan: 

All Star Nissan caters to customers from Baton Rouge and the nearby Denham Springs. All Star opens its doors from 9.00 a.m. up till 7.00 p.m. customers have access to a mixed staff responsible for sales and maintenance and repairs. The latest cars are available, and All Star helps customers to place genuine orders for vehicles of their choice. Located at 27700 Juban Road, LA, this Nissan dealer will save you a lot of stress and probably some money when you need to purchase or service a Nissan car.

Price Leblanc Nissan: 

Located at 14295 Airline HWY, LA, this Nissan dealership provides sales, maintenance, and repair services to customers in and around Baton Rouge. Established in the mid-90s, Price Leblanc has a reputation for the quality of service in helping customers get the best deals on both new and used cars, as well as having a team of experts that service and replace worn parts with great skill.


Carmax is an international car dealership with a branch office in Baton Rouge. Customers can easily get used or new cars depending on their preference. Customer service is great, and the attendant features of a car business are available.