Stunning Features of the 2022 Mazda 3 Model Series

Mazda has secured for itself a stellar reputation in the industry of automotive for offering to its customers, true value for money. The brand does so by keeping its lineup duly updated as per the standards and demands of the current needs of transportation. Not only Mazda sets an example to the automotive world how a vehicle of a certain type should look and feel like, but has also paved ways for other auto makers by innovating latest technologies under its factory shade.

Every Mazda product speaks loudly about its refined performance. Hence, the latest 2022 model year edition of Mazda 3 will be no exception to this rule. Rather it will be a model, through which the automaker will flaunt its style of doing things, proudly announced a senior staff of the Mazda dealership Capitola.

New Additions for the Year 2022

Every trim level of the Mazda3 sedan models that are queued up for the year 2022 displays a host of standard and optional features, that are reasons enough to gather a larger crowd than its predecessor. The 2022 model of Mazda 3 series is built on the same platform as that of the 2019 version that had the last redesign done to its body. However, currently, it is the enhanced list of features, essentially upgraded that make all the difference as a new year edition of the 2022 Mazda 3. So, the automaker makes it clear that even for the year 2022 the 3 series lineup will remain unchanged in most of its aspects except for the new powertrain that will feature a potent 2.0L inline-4 engine mating a 6-speed automatic gearbox. The duo will generate robust horsepower and deliver the best in its class performance on road. This year, even the safety package will be enhanced and offer much better assistance to the one who drives the Mazda compact sedan or hatchback.

Performance Cues

Mazda has already mastered the art of managing a robust power train in any given drive situation. Therefore, when you talk about the 2022 Mazda3 Sedan, even at the base form, it will not go lower than a 2.0L inline-4 engine that will work in tune with a 6-speed automatic transmission. On the higher trims, there will be a refreshed 2.5L Turbo engine to deliver 227 hp and 310 lb.-ft. of torque. But irrespective of the power train couple you choose you are guaranteed an exhilarating acceleration and smooth gear changes.

Higher Walls of Safety

The 2022 Mazda3 Sedan series would make an ideal family car not only for its stunning looks and great performance numbers, but also for its strong safety line. The body on which the 2022 Mazda 3 is built upon belongs to the fourth-generation redesign platform which is purposely made stronger than ever before to maintain good resistance to the impact of collisions.

The sales manager of the Capitola Mazda dealership said, drive any 2022 Mazda 3 and your drive will be secured with the help of a dual-stage airbags package, ABS and driveline traction control, stability control, and a lengthy queue of driver assistance features like Lane Keeping Assist, Blind-spot Monitoring, Low Tire Pressure Warning, automatic emergency Braking and a 360-degree Back-up Camera.