Know Everything About Your Vehicle Braking System

What is a Brake?

The brakes in a car are undoubtedly the most critical component that a car needs as a part of its safety system. So it is the owner’s responsibility to look after the proper functioning and maintenance of the brake system. Keeping your car’s brake in proper shape and condition ensures the utmost safety and prevents any sort of dangerous accidents that may occur during driving. 

How Does a Brake Function?

The brake and its inner parts as well as the working of it are a complex system that a common man may struggle to understand. The easiest definition to sum up the functioning of a brake is when the brake pedal is pressed by the driver; it generates hydraulic pressure on the cylinder which contains the brake fluid. Due to the pressure, these fluids get released from the master cylinder and travel through the hoses to the calipers present in each wheel. These calipers then use this force to compress against the wheel rotors thus bringing the car to a halt.

Reasons for Wear and Tear

Brakes are probably the most used component of a car apart from the accelerator and clutch. So it is quite normal that it would undergo a lot of wear and tear, thus reducing its performance. Hence, it is very crucial to get it checked at least once in three months to avoid risks and keep a clock on its operating capacity. There are various reasons for wear and tear of a brake:

  • It may get damaged due to rustic driving habits 
  • Various operating conditions such as weather conditions may affect the working of brakes
  • The working of a brake depends on the type of vehicle 
  • The material is a key issue that may quicken the wear and tear process.

Indications to Brake Damage

There are several indications of a damaged braking system such as

  • The brake is soft when pressed
  • Weird noises are produced while braking
  • The car stops on one side
  • Repeated repairs and constant maintenance are required
  • Brakes or the ABS is automatically initiated. provides the best-in-class solutions to your car’s braking system that are just a call away. Highly trained and experienced professionals take the utmost care of your car’s brakes so that they get the perfect care to function properly and protect your car.