How to Determine the Quality of a Car Paint Protection Film?

Paint protection films for cars offer a strong layer of protection against UV exposure, road grime, rock chips, acid rain, and bird droppings. This highly-durable polymer material is versatile, transparent, and can be customized to deliver an improved gloss or matte finish on any paint color. In terms of preventing minor scratches and maintaining the fresh look of a car, nothing beats paint protection films. The quality of the film is primarily based on the flowing criteria:

The Raw Materials

The raw materials used in manufacturing and assembly is the main criterion that determines the quality and longevity of a paint protection film. A paint protecting film is made up of four levels:

  • Polyester release liner. This serves as the base layer. This level is not very thick; however, it is quite durable and helps secure the film to the paint of the car. 
  • Acrylic adhesive. A water-activated acrylic adhesive is needed to let the film bond to the paint job, glass, or plastic. A well-balanced acrylic blend makes sure the paint protection film doesn’t damage the paint surface. 
  • Polyurethane. This serves as the film’s main layer. It is often up to 6.0 mils or 0.152mm in thickness. It lets the film stretch and produce the super stone chip blocking attributes. 
  • Clearcoats. A strong coat is added to improve the surface protective qualities, block UV rays, and prevent the film from being saturated with water or other liquids. 

The Manufacturing Process

The use of high-quality materials is just one part of the process of developing paint protection films for cars. The way they are assembled to form an elastic and super strong film is just as important. A good-quality protection film like Proshield pellicule pare pierre is made in a production facility that consistently goes through stringent quality control testing. The facility uses precision-engineered machines to ensure consistency. Also, reputable manufacturers frequently train and educate their operators on new procedures. 

When you pick a protection film for your car’s paint job, ensure you are buying factory-direct products, not generic films sold under several brand names. Do some research on protection films to determine the legit ones. A good paint protection film manufacturer is transparent about its products’ construction, which improves its credibility. Also, it will give you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in an honest and genuine paint protection film for your car. 

As a car owner, the primary reason for choosing a clear paint protection film is to block the possibility of minor scratches and protect the factory finish. Buying a high-quality protection film meets this objective.