How Often Will Your Car Need a Tire Rotation Service?

If you really care about the car you own, and want to prolong the enjoyable experience every time you drive it, you must be already knowing the importance of its wellbeing, which can be attained by following a strict and regular maintenance.

Leaving alone all the other parts your car is dependent upon, the tires on which it moves need equal care as those, if not more. That is the reason why the car manufacturers include tire rotation among the first row of preventive maintenance services, and call it as mandatory. But how often will your car need a tire rotation service? If you are having the same question in mind, here is a simple answer given by the expert mechanics of the center of Glendora tire rotation service. They even elaborated on the reasons behind the rules and regulations involved in a tire rotation service, they offer.

What Time is Referred as Regular Interval for Tire Rotation?

Getting the tires of your car rotated at regular intervals is necessary for the simple reason, that you use your car regularly. As a result, the health of your car tires naturally deteriorates with regular usage. Not only that can lead to the awkward experience of a flat tire, but the performance level of your car can also get seriously affected, if you push the snooze button too many times, when the tire rotation service is due.

Now, when the question arises, about the time interval that can be allowed between two tire rotating sessions, the answer is whenever your car crosses 7,500 miles or you use your car regularly at a stretch for six months.

Most of the vehicle manufacturers also recommend the car owners that they get their car tires checked and rotated whenever they return from an exhaustive off-road drive. This is recommended since, the off road drives often have a damaging effect on the car tires, especially if the tires are not new. However, the best to know the ideal time interval for availing tire rotation service is to consult the user’s manual, since this figure can change on several factors including the tire condition and type, as well as the climate you stay in.

How it Helps

Tire rotation is a process where the position of the front and rear tires are switched to evenly distribute the weight these pairs of tires carry. Depending upon the drivetrain configuration your car is set with, the pair of tires, like front wheel, or rear wheel, they will work harder in every ride. If you delay too much in swapping them out, the tires that take most of the load will start wearing down faster. By rotating the car tires, not only the weight and the burden on the tires will get distributed, but even the tread wear gets even on all of them. This results in a smooth roll of your car, which is necessary to maintain the performance level as well as its fuel efficiency.

The mechanics who offer tire rotation service in Glendora also demonstrated us the tire conditions before and after tire rotation that helped us understand its importance better.