How does the VIN number help to identify your vehicle?

Each manufactured cars has a new or old vehicle identification number. The VIN number has a 17-digit alphanumeric code which is helpful for the person who is going to buy a used car or like for finding car parts for their owned vehicle.

While buying a using car, you can refer to the car’s full history on the internet with the help of the VIN number. Using this number you can verify the car model, history, specifications, country of manufacture, engine type, body type, and everything about the vehicle.

The more essential thing about this is, entering your VIN code at Car check, may give you details about the car vehicle such as whether it is stolen or get an accident on a serious.

Getting this sort of information helps you to know every detail and it saves you from investing in the wrong vehicle with a lot of money. So, people who are going to spend a lot of money check out in the, it will give you a peaceful mind and satisfaction.

How to verify the VIN number?

If you don’t know how to perform a VIN, it is a very easy and simple method. Follow the below-given steps to check up

  • Locate the VIN code of your vehicle
  • Type the number into your free VIN decoder online
  • Then click the search button.
  • You can see the results of your searched vehicle.

Structure of VIN:

It is a combination of codes, let see how they form the structure of number.

  • World Manufacturer Identifier – The character from 1 to 3 of a VIN code is known as the WMI. The first digit denotes your country, where the vehicle has been manufactured. The other next two characters will denote the manufacturer of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle description section – The character from 4 to 9 are called VDS. Each manufacturing enterprise has its own encoding methods at the VDS, but some of the things will remain similar among the manufacturing companies. The first party always describes the vehicle specifications; the second 8th digit will denote the engine type of the vehicle. The sixth digit of the VDS can denote the automobile platform, model, body type, etc.
  • Vehicle Identification section – The characters from 10 to 17 are the VIS. The manufacturer utilizes this part to identify the vehicle. Also, the VIS contains the details about the car like transmission choice.

Why it is necessary?

The VIN number is considered as the fingerprint of the vehicle. It assists the manufacturers, government centers, dealerships of cards, insurance agents, etc. It allows you to look up the vehicle information, helps to find the stolen vehicles, helps the manufactures to find the warranties of the vehicle, etc.