Experience safe and smooth drive with reliable steering aids

Over the past few decades, ever new wheelchair accessible vehicles brands and models with advanced features have been introduced to make the drive of physically challenged people more convenient, safe and comfortable on road. Road is unpredictable place where the drivers might have to encounter adverse conditions but with the high quality, durable and dependable steering aids such asturn signal cross-over, multi-function spinner knobs, 4 way switches, MPD steering knob, multi-function buttons,  gear shift and parking brake extensions drivers with limited mobility can make their each ride on road memorable and safe.

Commendable service

Apparently, wheelchair vehicle has enhanced the freedom and convenience of movement on road for physically disabled person and significantly reduced their dependency on others. With the best wheelchair vehicle provider by your side you can have smooth purchase experience hence consider few aspects and get best value for money

  • Evaluate the reputation and license of the wheelchair provider
  • Check the range of services offered such as selling, installation, servicing and rent
  • Years of experience and expertise in the wheelchair vehicle industry
  • Ensure the technicians have adequate qualification and skill
  • Deal with the mobility equipment of reputable manufacturer

High quality steering aids

Driving van with any types of mobility constraint is no cakewalk.  Hence inspect the quality, durability and ease of use of the steering aids before installing. You have to be comfortable and confident handling the steering aids before landing on the road. Nowadays marketplace is flooded with numerous wheelchair vehicle options such as full-size van, minivan, pick-up truck, SUV, converted car, etc. hence invest little time before taking purchase decision

  • Determine whether you will buy a modified Vehicle or will get a Vehicle modified
  • Check width of ramp, entrance height, wheelchair position total space
  • Choose properly rear and side entry systems as per your day-to-day activities
  • Compare the price of few reputable brands and then choose the best deala