Common Myths About Collision Repair Services

The time when you have just met with an accident can make you feel helpless and you would have no clue about the right step to take. Particularly, if it’s the first time you have met with an accident. In a very short time, you will be asked to answer some quick questions and you will have to make decisions regarding the damage caused to your vehicle. It is very unfortunate to know that several myths can stop you from visiting a collision repair shopSo, in this post we are going to mention a few of the most prevailing myths about Collison repair services that can influence your decision:

  • The choice has to be made by the insurance company 

As the driver of an insured vehicle, you have the complete right to choose any repair shop that you want. Although your insurance company would want you to choose a shop that provides low-cost services and the majority of the collision repair shops have an agreement made beforehand with some particular ships in a specific area to decrease the costs and increase the speed of the process.

  • You need a dealer to get the best service 

The second most common myth is that you need a dealer to avail the best service for your vehicle. You can get the best service from any vehicle body shop including the ones which don’t have an affiliation to the dealership.

  • There is no repair of the damaged frame 

Small fender bends can lead to damage to the frame of your vehicle so in case this myth is considered true. You will be fooled by your insurance company easily. If there is a minor bend in the frame, the structure of your vehicle can be deformed but it can be fixed by the right collision repair shop.

These are some common myths about collision repair shops that can hit your mind when you are going to get it done for your vehicle. However, collision repair services are very reliable only if they are done from an appropriate repair shop.