Briefing the Basics of Tire Rotation Service


If you have heard the term tire rotation several times while discussing car maintenance services, then that has a reason. Tire rotation is considered one of the most important preventive maintenance services that are performed to keep the performance of the vehicles at their optimum level.

However, for novice vehicle users, the term ‘tire rotation’ might appear to be quite confusing, opined the Blackfoot tire rotation service providers. From them, we could learn many lesser-known facts about the tire rotation service, while knowing the basics of this preventive maintenance service in detail.

The Process of Tire Rotation

The entire process of tire rotation that is performed to maintain the original performance level of a vehicle involves the exchanging of places of the four tires, to achieve even tread wear among them. All four tires of a vehicle are dismounted from their grooves and their tread wear is measured with the help of advanced machinery.

The tire that appears to be worst in its tread condition is exchanged with the healthiest one. if a pair of tires exhibit nearly similar tread wear, the other two tires will be shifted to their place and vice versa. This way, the tires that have the most tread wear will now be free from the burden they were carrying so far, while the least worn tires will take up the task of carrying more weight on them.

How it Works

When we use a vehicle, distributing the weight evenly becomes a difficult task for many. As a result, one of the four tires or a set of them is seen to have incurred maximum tread wear, while the other tire treads seem to be less damaged.

In such a scenario, the body balance of the vehicle gets affected as well as its overall ride quality. The greater the difference will be there among the tread wear level of the tires; the worse will be the effect. Not only the vehicle users will start forgetting what a smooth ride feels like, but the one who sits behind the wheel will also find it difficult to maneuver the vehicle.

After performing the tire rotation service, the tread wear will become even among the four tires. This will not only bring back the smooth body roll of the vehicle but also revive the earlier maneuverability in the vehicle.

Effect on Fuel Economy

When the four tires of a vehicle have to struggle more to roll on the road surface, it will automatically consume more fuel to move the vehicle at the prescribed speed. As a result, the fuel efficiency of the vehicle starts deteriorating. The fuel economy rate keeps falling if all four tires suffer from uneven tread wear.

Therefore, performing a tire rotation service on a vehicle also helps it regain its fuel economy rates, giving the owner great relief at the pump stations as well, mentioned a technician who offers tire rotation service near Blackfoot.