Auto Repairs the Modern Cars Need

The automobile industry has witnessed a revolutionary change in the last few years in every aspect it covers. Right from the mechanisms to the manufacturing, from the sales strategies and business trends to the repair works, the automobile industry is now looking new with all the desired makeovers in every aspect you can think of.

The modern cars that we get to see today are usually engineered with a recently developed advanced mechanisms that differ a lot from their older versions. We learned from the Athol auto repair center staff members that today a car seldom needs to visit a repair center in comparison to earlier times. But when they come, the repair procedures need much advanced skillset as well as machinery to deal with the issues, if at all they occur.

Longer Intervals for Maintenance

While older models of cars were recommended a maintenance schedule after crossing every 3000 miles or whenever a car crosses the age of three months from the date of purchase, in recent times, the latest cars get much longer intervals between the servicing schedules. The figure now approximately counts 6000 miles of drive and six months of usage time. While many components needed a replacement once in six months. They further added that many times the interval for the replacement of many items in the modern cars either has changed to only once in a whole year, while maintenance and replacement of some items have been entirely eliminated.

Changing Engine Oil and Filter

The modern cars now come with a much cleaner breathing system that is much more efficient in keeping the motor oil cleaner for a longer period of time from being dried up or getting contaminated. So, in the cars we see today on the roads so often need to get their motor oil and filter changed only after they have driven more than 30,000 miles.

Caring for the Tires

  • Today, there are new types of tires available in the market that have replaced the earlier tire types. Nitrogen tires, tubeless tires and the like have now reduced the probability of blowing up to almost nil, and also have much longer lifespan that can handle off roading much better than earlier ones. These types of tires need lesser maintenance like tire rotation and replacement.

Maintenance of the Gearboxes

With the evolution of automatic transmissions, the need of maintenance of transmissions has almost got eliminated. With lesser scope given to human errors, all its components now get to survive longer, almost a lifetime. But when there is a need of repair for the automatic transmission, it involves much complicated and precision job which automatically will raise the bill amount higher than that of manual transmissions.

Wrapping it Up

The auto experts who attended us at the center car repair near Athol gave us a note of caution, that one should not think maintenance is not anymore a priority to the modern day cars, just because the intervals between the maintenance schedules have increased.