A Guide to Some Major Parts of Sur-Ron e-bikes

When we talk about bikes, there are various manufacturers that come to mind. Some of which have left an unforgettable mark with their ideal services and incredible experience. As we move towards the adoption of modern tech, we see the influence and emergence of electric vehicles, especially ebikes. 

E-bikes have been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The Sur-Ron, more specifically, is popularly known as the next generation of electric performance bikes. With an outstanding power to weight ratio and upgraded parts, Sur-Ron has been taking on the industry. 

Let’s take a look at some major parts of Sur-Ron e-bikes.

  1. Sur-Ron float seat

Some of the most important parts in any motorcycle or bike, is the seat! It’s the seat that determines the comfort level while riding. And since Sur-Ron is known for uneven and coarse surfaces, the seat is made from high quality synthetic leather (vinyl), it has tons of extra cushion to avoid injuries, which are highly likely when it comes to riding harsh surfaces. Depending on the weight of the rider, it also helps add a little height. There are typically two types of materials used: non-slip on the top red stitching and the embroidering mountain brackets which are identical as the original seat of these bikes. 

  1. Suspension triangle

Needless to say, suspension forms the core of any motorcycle. Manufacturers pay the utmost attention to install high-quality suspension in bikes to avoid injuries. When it comes to riding a Sur-Ron or BMX bike, suspension is key. The Sur-Ron suspension linkage triangle version 3 is considered one of the strongest, and at the same time the lightest in the market. It replaces the cheap knock offs which quite often fail, when it comes to tough rides. 

  1. Sur-Ron decal kit

Decals in Sur-Ron bikes are made for high performance and experience. They use an ultra-tack adhesive with high surface adhesion. The decals used in Sur-Ron can help protect your bike from minor to major wear and tear and are meant to last longer than the average. These decals can fit on and off-road Sur-Ron LB models. 


These are a few accessories and parts of Sur-Ron bikes. It is the high quality of these parts and the attention to detail that makes Sur-Ron a high performing machine. Surron parts are thus a major reason behind its high performance.