3 Practical Ways To Save Money On Car Rentals

So, you’ve finally decided that you’ll need a short term personal car rental in Singapore for your travel. In most scenarios, many have experience totalling their bank account. It can be the bane of renting cars for trips and downtown road travels for many renters. No one wants to feel as if they were being ‘ripped off’ with a rental deal.

Without further ado, here are some helpful money-saving tips you can follow if you’re planning to opt for the best car rental in Singapore:

1. Avoid buying additional unnecessary insurance

Many people are tempted to buy additional insurance that they don’t actually need. There are a number of insurances out there, and some can hardly tell the difference if they need them. Since you’ll be using your credit card for renting a vehicle in most cases, your credit card already provides coverage for that. You can talk to your credit card provider for premium insurance or check your card to see if you are covered.

2. Use discounts and coupons

Be it a personal rental or buying a commercial van for sale in Singapore, discounts are your way of reducing the amount you’ll pay for the final rate. There are a number of discounts and coupons you can find online, and it’s a great way of getting lower rates for buying and renting vehicles.

3. Do homework research on bundle deals

Perhaps you might have seen those bundled deals about hotel accommodations or airfare that offer “free” car rental. The question is, does it actually help you save money in return? It might be tempting to bite anything with the word “free” on it, but you’ll be surprised that it will cost you more than saving more. Before you consider taking the offer, do some homework research first before clicking that ‘free short term car rental in Singapore’ bundle!

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